MALAYSIA: Huge potential for Sarawak as major pineapple producer

Sarawak has huge potential to become a major pineapple producer in the country as the fruit is fast gaining popularity among farmers while the Malaysian Pineapple Industry Board (LPNM) is seriously promoting planting pineapple in the state.   Deputy Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Minister Datuk Anthony Nogeh Gumbek said LPNM which began operating in Sarawak […]

COSTA RICA: Pineapple buyers can now guarantee they’re deforestation-free

As consumers become increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of agro-commodity production, with the click of a button, companies buying pineapples from Costa Rica – one of the world’s largest producers of the fruit – can now see if their suppliers are engaged in deforestation or not, with help from the United Nations’ Green Commodities […]

LIFESTYLE: Healthy recipes from fruit scraps

When you’re cooking up a broccoli casserole or juicing a watermelon, you’re probably tossing the stem or the rind. But you might want to hold onto those scraps for a bit longer, because you can use them in surprising ways. It turns out that what you consider useless food scraps are actually loaded with high-quality […]

COSTA RICA: Exporters pin hopes on China’s pineapple intake

Costa Rican pineapple suppliers could face major oversupply if the anticipated major demand from China is less than expected.   The Chinese market opened for Costa Rican pineapples earlier this year and there are already significant volumes being sent to Asia, said Jai Thakrar, president of exporter Jalaram Fruit, with new plantings in the ground […]

SAINT LUCIA: Taiwan assists local farmers with pineapple production

Taiwan Technical Mission and the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Physical Planning, natural Resources and Co-operatives of Saint Lucia held the Pineapple Production Workshop in Roseau on November 14th, 2017. More than 50 farmers and extension officers attended the event to learn new agricultural know-how to increase pineapple production. Pineapple is a fruit of great economic […]

ISRAEL: First pineapple farm opens in Gaza

Pineapples are being harvested in the Gaza Strip for the first time as part of efforts to help the impoverished Palestinian territory work towards food self-sufficiency.     The fruit, for domestic sale, is grown in a 1,000 square meter greenhouse in the southern Gaza Strip town of Khan Yunis as part of a project […]

GHANA: Pineapple farmers need more intensive training

Simple technologies can be learned effectively through imitation, while complex methods require professional training. If Ghanaian pineapple farmers are to achieve higher yields through more sustainable agriculture, they will need to be trained in exactly these types of complex applications. This was the conclusion reached by a team from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) […]

CUBA: Ciego de Avila bets on increasing pineapple exports

The rains of Hurricane Irma delayed the planting of pineapple in Ciego de Avila, and its workers continue the corresponding tillage to expand marketing in tourism and export, in order to obtain foreign exchange and strengthen the national economy.     Ciego de Avila, which committed to have two thousand hectares of pineapple crops before […]

UK: What’s the Economic Cost of Brexit? Pineapples Tell a Tale

Britain is increasingly grappling with the bewildering economic consequences of its pending departure from the European Union. For one company, Nim’s Fruit Crisps, the impact is measured in the soaring cost of pineapple.     Nim’s dries fruits into snacks served up like potato chips, operating out of a former metal shop in this industrial […]

PHILIPPINES: Del Monte streamlining operations in US

Fresh from a $200-million fundraising, Campos family-led Del Monte Pacific Ltd. (DMPL) plans to streamline its operations in the United States, improve margins by exiting the nonbranded manufacturing business and focusing on its branded consumer business.   DMPL—which yesterday raised the curtain for the dollar-denominated securities (DDS) trading platform of the Philippine Stock Exchange with […]

CANADA: Aloha! Meet the Ontario man who created pineapple pizza

In a fit of fancy over half a century ago, Sam Panopoulos and his brother tossed some canned pineapple onto a pizza in their southwestern Ontario restaurant.   Little did he know he would be inventing one of the most popular – and divisive and debated – pizzas in the world, one that recently grabbed […]