USA: Early watermelon crops facing problems

Cooler temperatures in the Coachella Valley have prompted the watermelon season to begin around May 14. Supplies are limited due to high winds in the area, which have damaged some of the earlier plantings. Mexico is also facing its own issues.     “The Mexican regions of Hermosillo and Guaymas have started, however Guaymas has […]

PAKISTAN: Bumper watermelon harvest pushes prices down

Karachi’s biggest fruit and vegetable market is buzzing due to juicy sales of the seasonal watermelon. But while the abundance of the fruit is good news for thirsty consumers — bargains are to be had this year thanks to the big harvest — suppliers are getting lower prices than normal for their crop.     Every […]

BANGLADESH: Watermelons before time

No summer afternoon without chilled watermelons. But two unlikely men in southeast Bangladesh are bending the rules and harvesting watermelons before summer heats up.     The risk-taking duo Binoy Chakma and Pravakar Chakma from Karalachari village in Mahalchhari upazila, Khagrachhari district, started to bear the fruits of hard work last month.   Paddy is […]

TIPS: Protect Watermelon Plantings From Wrath of Fusarium Wilt

Fusarium wilt of watermelon is common problem in Florida where resistant varieties are not used, but it might occur to some extent even when resistant varieties are used. Fusarium wilt is cased by the fungus Fusarium oxysporum fsp. Niveum.     Identification Typically, the first noticeable symptom is that one side of a plant wilts. […]

CHINA/VIETNAM: Firms ink watermelon trade deals

Enterprises in Vietnam and China have signed principle contracts on watermelon trade in 2018 and the following years at a conference held in the central province of Quang Ngai on December 6.   The event was organised by the Ministry of Industry and Trade in conjunction with Quang Ngai province and China’s Guangxi province.   […]

LIFESTYLE: Healthy recipes from fruit scraps

When you’re cooking up a broccoli casserole or juicing a watermelon, you’re probably tossing the stem or the rind. But you might want to hold onto those scraps for a bit longer, because you can use them in surprising ways. It turns out that what you consider useless food scraps are actually loaded with high-quality […]

MOROCCO: Watermelon farming main cause of water shortage

Taps are running dry in southern Morocco and resarchers have found one of the main culprits: watermelon farming. With a consumption of 7 million cubic metres of water per year, according to a study by the regional hydraulic basin agency, “the watermelon greatly contributed to the water stress in the region,” said Jamal Akchbab, president […]

USA: The return of an heirloom watermelon

Don’t tell Nat Bradford that a watermelon is just a watermelon.   Not only is the Bradford Watermelon about the sweetest, juiciest watermelon you’ve probably never heard of, let alone eaten … its backstory is pretty juicy, too.   In the sandy soil of Sumter County, S.C., generations of Bradfords have been harvesting these 30-to-40 […]

INDIA: Watermelon price shoots up as yield falls

Sale of watermelons has been brisk in various parts of Tiruchi district as the harsh summer continues.   Traders say that watermelon arrivals from Villupuram district – a major supplier, had got exhausted due to heavy demand for the fruit and also due to fall in yield. So, traders are now depending on farmers in […]

USA: Watermelons look towards a strong 2017

As we head into the summer season, watermelon supply and consumption are both expected to be strong for 2017.   “We’re now seven weeks into the domestic season with plenty of imports still coming in from Mexico and less so from our Central American partners in Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica and Panama,” says Jason Hanselman […]