Membership is open to governments of consuming and producing countries, international and regional organizations, institutes, associations, individuals and any entity in public or private sector.

  • Country Members: Country membership is open to all member countries of the FAO that are signatories to the Agreement on the Establishment of TFNet or who has acceded to the said Agreement.
  • Associate Members: Associate membership is open to any international, regional or national organisations, institutes, associations, cooperatives or business entity in both the public and private sectors that can contribute positively to the objectives and operations of TFNet.
  • Ordinary Members: Ordinary membership is open to any individual or non-profit organisation that can contribute positively to the objectives and operations of TFNet.


Membership Fees (effective from 6th August 2015)

  •    Country Membership dues: USD 5,000 for one time registration, USD 2,000 for one calendar year;
  •    Associate Membership dues: USD 500 for one calendar year; and
  •    Ordinary Membership dues: USD 50 for one calendar year.



  •     Sharing information, expertise and technologies.
  •     Discounted participation in international conferences, symposiums, and seminars
  •     Market development and trade promotion
  •     Participation in human resource development programs
  •     Participation in collaborative projects or studies
  •     Assistance in implementation and harmonization of international regulations eg. Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS)