ISSUE 32: JUL-AUG 2017

Week-long international workshop on jackfruit launches in India

The International Workshop on Production, Value Addition, and Marketing of Jackfruit was launched on 9 August 2017 in the Regional Agricultural Research Station, Ambalavayal, Wayanad, Kerala, India. The 6-day-long festival aims to increase the awareness of jackfruit as a potential commercial fruit crop in Kerala.


TFNet joins ICAAS 2017

TFNet joined the International Conference on Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Sarawak (ICAAS 2017) from the 21st -22nd August 2017. Aside from displaying during the exhibition, CEO Dr. Desa Hassim presented during one of the sessions.


TFNet joins Village Development Forum in Indonesia

TFNet CEO presented on "Tropical Fruits for Rural Development" during the Village Development Forum in Jararta, Indonesia on 23rd August 2017.


TFNet wins 1st and 2nd prize in photo competition

See the award-winning photos during the International Workshop on Production, Value Addition, and Marketing of Jackfruit on 9-14 August 2017.



INDIA: Banana chips get more pricey

Buying crispy banana chips and the delicious payasams will burn one’s pocket this Onam.


MALAYSIA: McDonald’s all sold out of Durian McFlurry

McDonald’s thanked customers for their overwhelming support, saying that the dessert sold five times more than anticipated.


INDIA: Mango juice processing plants to be set up across State

The Karnataka State Mango Development and Marketing Corporation Limited has recommended the setting up of mango juice processing plants in districts that grow mangoes on a large scale


VIETNAM: Dragon fruit exports to Australia to begin soon

Australia last week announced that it would permit the import of Vietnamese dragon fruit, making Việt Nam the first country to get licence to export fresh dragon fruit there.


USA: Papaya pathogen problems persist

The possibility that an agricultural product such as papayas may be contaminated with Salmonella is impossible to eradicate; however, the risk of widespread contamination can be controlled.


MEXICO: Growers aim for Guinness World Record with biggest guacamole

Avocado growers and enthusiasts will converge on the quaint Jalisco town of Concepción de Buenos Aires on Sept. 3 to witness an attempt to prepare the world’s biggest ever portion of guacamole.