TFNet welcomes Dr. Mohd Desa Haji Hassim as new CEO

The International Tropical Fruits Network has appointed Dr. Mohd Desa Haji Hassim as the new Chief Executive Officer, who assumed the post starting 1 June 2015.


Dr. Desa took over upon the retirement of Yacob Ahmad, who served as CEO since August 2009.


Most recently, Dr. Desa served as the Head of Agriculture Division at the Integrated Agriculture Development Area (IADA) of the Malaysian Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry. Previously, he also served as the Deputy Director for the Agriculture Extension Training Institute of the Malaysian Department of Agriculture. Dr. Desa also had a first-hand experience in agriculture as a progressive farmer.


Dr. Desa’s international experience includes a consultation on technology transfer and knowledge sharing between University College of Agro-science, Malaysia and Kasetsart University, Thailand. He also had an immersive experience on agriculture, agricultural economics, and international trade upon visiting the USA and several European countries. Dr. Desa has also published several papers and attended international agriculture conferences.


Dr. Desa completed his Ph.D. on Agricultural Research and Development from Kasetsart, University Thailand. He also has a Master of Science in Corporate Communications from University Putra Malaysia and a Bachelor of Agricultural Science in the University of Pertanian Malaysia.


The TFNet Board of Trustees is confident that Dr. Desa’s extensive experience in the agriculture industry will continue the momentum that TFNet has gained over the past 5 years, growing from 4 country members in 2009 to 14 in 2015.

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  1. Hj Sulaiman Chik

    Tahniah Dr. Desa atas perlantikan tersebut. Semoga hubungan yang sedia terjalin masa di IADA dapat diperkemas dan diperkukuhkan lagi. Tahniah….. dari Hj Sulaiman, Pengerusi Ahli Lembaga Pengarah Koperasi Wawasan Tani Simpang Lima Sungai Besar Berhad, dan semua ALK.

  2. Adnan Mahidin

    Taniah dengan perlantikan anda sebagai CEO.

  3. Mohd Nor Saarani

    Tahniah Dr.Desa atas perlantikan sebagai CEO baru… semoga hubungan kita terus berkekalan… Tahniah sekali lagi dari Mohd Nor Saarani, Koperasi Pengurusan Berpusat Padi Parit 5 Timur Berhad… Semoga terus succes

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