Regional workshop on dragon fruit diseases yields promising results

Last September 4-8, a “Regional Workshop on the Control of Dragon Fruit Diseases” was conducted in Kho Kaen, Thailand. FFTC, together with its new partners, the Mekong Institute, New Zealand Plant and Food Research and the International Tropical Fruits Network.


The workshop brought together key researchers as well as dragon fruit growers from different countries as they exchanged information on their own experiences of dragon fruit diseases. The 30 speakers and observers who graced the regional workers were members of the public and private sectors from Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.


Based on the discussions, the following themes were suggested for collaborative R&D: preparation and procurement of healthy planting materials; standardized methodology for canker research (disease rating system, fungicide evaluation, field efficacy and efficiency tests); fungicide knowledge; biological control and natural products; region wide disease control recommendations for extension purpose; and research against emerging and re-emerging pests and diseases.


In terms of follow-up activities, the participants also suggested that there should be preparation of workshop proceedings and proposal for networking and that FFTC and the Mekong Institute should serve as catalysts for regional networking.





Source: FFTC website

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