AUSTRALIA: Kimberley mango flowering looks positive

Mango trees in the Ord Valley in the Western Australian Kimberley, are beginning to flower and farmers in the region are hopeful of a good season.


Last year was the worst season on record for some growers, but it’s expected this year will make up for those poor yields.


The flowering on the trees, so far, is a positive indication that the tree will produce good fruit.


This season follows an extremely good wet season and also a string of cold nights which for many farmers is the recipe for a good year.


Last year saw some farms make no profit and this season is critical for business.


The Department of Agriculture and Food WA’s Peter Johnston says, so far, it looks promising.


“Orchards have between five and 20 percent already in full flower.


“Having a look at the buds on the various orchards, most of them are swelling, so over the next two to three weeks I would be expecting to see some serious flowers pushing out.”


Mr Johnson says it’s a good sign to see that degree of flowering already.


“The earlier the flowering you get, you get the best fruit set, so it is a huge advantage.”


Despite this, mango farmer Quentin Parker says he’s not getting too excited yet.


“I am feeling relatively optimistic.


“I have had a near neighbour to my packing shed ask me for an appraisal of his property, two of us have had a look at that, what we have said is about 75 per cent of his trees have flowered.”


Flowering will continue in the valley for the next few months.


It’s expected the fruit will mainly ripen in August with majority of it heading to the Perth market.



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