SOURCE: Shannon Stone, Griffith News Griffith University has been helping farmers and co-operatives in Binh Thuan Province train for export expansion to Australia. The province has historically concentrated on the export and distribution of dragon fruit across South-East Asia, but key stakeholders are now looking to expand to wholesalers andContinue Reading

SOURCE: Levante TRANSLATION: Freshplaza In many cases, the avocado is grown on land that was previously devoted to the production of oranges and clementines. Currently, the Valencian Community has 2,800 hectares of avocado, a crop that has rapidly expanded throughout the community and, according to Celestino Recatala, the vice presidentContinue Reading

SOURCE: TOGO First Thanks to the PROCAT, Togo’s pineapple sector recorded major improvements in the last four years. Indeed, according to the national team coordinating the sector, due to the project which aimed to make the pineapple industry more competitive, output, processed volumes, jobs, and exports (of dry, fresh, andContinue Reading

SOURCE: Andina TRANSLATION: Freshplaza An initiative promoted by the Organic Banana Agro-industrial Innovation project, executed by the APBOSMAM Agrarian Cooperative and Cedepas Norte within the framework of the Swiss Cooperation SeCompetitive Program (SECO), has helped more than 3,000 small organic banana producers in Piura improve their production quality and ventureContinue Reading

SOURCE: The Star Growers are using the Laos-China Railway to ship bananas from Laos to China, with the speedy means of transport ensuring that the fruit reaches its destination before overripening or going mouldy. In the past the shipment of agricultural produce was problematic because of the long time takenContinue Reading

SOURCE: Produce Report China’s demand for high-quality fresh avocados continues to grow and its avocado production and imports are expected to continue to increase in coming years, according to a recent report by China-based staff at the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Growth of Chinese avocado consumption is being driven byContinue Reading