NICARAGUA: bananas imported again by El Salvador and Honduras

Bananas produced in Puerto Morazán regained the attention of importers from Honduras and El Salvador, who had abandoned them in favour of Rivas’ production, where overproduction and the alleged lack of Costa Rican buyers had caused prices to drop. The return of these buyers has stabilised banana prices in the area.


“With the return of purchasers from Honduras and El Salvador, prices have already reached 3 to 3.50 Cordobas per unit,” pointed out Redi Flores Aguilar, of the production area in the Municipality of Puerto Morazán.


In the town of Tonala, a plant processes and packages the fresh bananas that are sold to a Honduran company and Salvadoran buyers. “This production is also sold to buyers across the country and shipped to the local markets of Chinandega, Managua and Masaya,” explained Flores.


The cooperatives La Esperanza, Unión and Oro Verde are among those involved in the cultivation of bananas. Moreover, at least 30% percent of local women are involved and profit from the process of peeling and packing the fruit.


It is also the main source of income for around 20 banana peddlers in Tonala, Puerto Morazán, El Viejo and Chinandega, who carry their loaded carts around these towns selling the product.


In 2007 the Millennium Challenge Account provided producers with over sixty irrigation systems and trained them. Ever since, the number of banana plantations has increased with new generations of producers and entrepreneurs.


According to Flores, the Mayor of this municipality seeks mechanisms to allow the produce to be sold directly and prevent the damage caused by intermediaries. He also hopes export volumes will increase soon.


“There are talks with entrepreneurs from Miami, United States, who will purchase one container per week; these days, negotiations will be carried out by the Mayor and the producers,” reported Flores.


He also stated that after the uncertainty caused by droughts, the winter has finally normalised in the area, allowing for the production plans of grain, vegetables, fruits and other products to advance.


Translation by: Freshplaza

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