SRI LANKA: Company plans USD 1.2M worth of fruit projects

Sri Lanka’s Lee Hedges PLC is planning to set up a Apparel Training Centre in Jaffna and cultivate Red Lady, Papaya and Cavendish bananas in Vavuniya in a bid to help communities living in those areas to build a livelihood.


The company says the projects are CSR driven.


The Apparel Training Center in Jaffna is expected to cost Rs. 62 million and will be utilised to help provide training for unemployed young adults in the area on apparel technology.


Following the training they will be employed in garment factories manufacturing garments for export purpose and also for the local market.


In the meantime, Lee Hedges says it will spend Rs. 10.8 million to cultivate Red Lady, Cavendish bananas and Papaya to provide employment for the area people.


Source: News 360

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