BRAZIL: Emergency plan carried out to eradicate fly carambola

The Ministry of Agriculture is closely monitoring the southern region of Roraima, which has registered the presence of carambola fruit fly pest. It was reported in Vila Martins Pereira, 10 kilometers from the seat of the municipality of Boa Vista. According to the national coordinator for the eradication of the carambola, the emergency plan to contain the pest is being held in the region.


The pest was found in September this year, after the routine monitoring done every 15 days by the Ministry of Agriculture. After 48 hours of observation, the Ministry deployed 1,628 traps to catch the flies all over the state.


“We are confident that our action plan will be successful as we are can contain the plague, being only in Pereira,” said coordinator Maria Julia, adding that are held spraying and collecting fruit to combat the plague.


In addition, teams visit and guide residents about the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of the plague. Fly carambola is considered one of the worst pests of fruit production, able to destroy entire crops.


The main host fruits are: star fruit, mango, guava, almond, jackfruit, taberebá orange abiu, jambo, cashew, tomato, tangerine and maçaramduba. Production these fruits in any of the areas free of the pest is prohibited. “We can not carry the host fruit Martins Pereira to any place of Roraima, as it can be with larvae and the larvae may produce other outbreaks in other regions. So is vetoed transportation and marketing”, said Maria Julia.


Source: Roraima

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