INDONESIA: Semarang to hold Durian Festival in March

Semarang, Central Java, will host the Durian Festival, a festival celebrating the infamous durian fruit, on March 6 to 8 at the Jatisari field in the Mijen sub-district, which will be open to the public and will host activities surrounding the durian.


Mijen sub-district head Ali Muhtar said that the durian fruit that will be offered at the festival is a special breed growing on trees in the Mijen area.


Aside from that, other varieties of durian from outside the region will also be sold and offered at the festival.


“We plan to hold the event for three days. The first day will involve a competition involving the quality of five fruits including durian, salak (snake-skin fruit), manggis (mangosteen) and duku fruit from several regions in Central Java. The second day will involve the durian-eating competition,” Ali said on Wednesday as quoted by


Competitions on the heaviest and the largest durian will also be held at the festival, at which Ali encouraged all farmers of the spiked and pungent fruit to participate.


He added that willing participants should sign up at the Semarang agriculture agency and the Mijen sub-district office.


The administration has already spread out flyers and announcements in a number of strategic public places regarding the involvement of the public.


“The first [festival held] was a success, hopefully this year it will be much better. By paying only a participation fee of Rp 50,000 [US$3.93], one can enjoy eating all the durian they want,” he added.


Source: The Jakarta Post

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