SUDAN: Mixed farming system for banana export to Europe

The Director of Horticultural Sector at the Ministry of Agriculture Dr. Badr-Eddin Al-Sheikh revealed that a 70-acre mixed farming agroforesty system will begin development in Singa, Sennar that will cultivate mahogany with banana within the framework of the Horticultural Export Project of bananas to Europe.


Dr. Al-Sheikh said that the project sent two experts to Panama to learn the experience of exporting to Europe, specifically the Netherlands. The project includes 30 agronomists, agricultural technicians, and skilled laborers to produce export quality fruits by using good planting materials.


Dr. Al-Sheikh added that 1028 clusters of bananas were harvested at the end of July 2014, with expected output to reach more than half a ton of bananas or 324 cartons weighing 20 kilo each.


He pointed out the importance of learning and technology in improving fruit quality, particularly about storage for bananas whose destination is 36 days away. He stressed that the success of the experiment will open the door of contracts with European companies.


Dr. Al-Sheikh revealed that Singa enjoyed a comparative advantage for the cultivation of varieties valid for export-oriented bananas and the possibility of expansion in the Nile forest areas, estimated at 600,000 acres, which are lands suitable for agriculture.


Source: Sudan Vision Daily

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