AUSTRALIA: World ready to eat more mangoes with demand on the rise

by Matt Brann, ABC Rural


Delegates attending this week’s 11th International Mango Symposium have been told the global demand for mangoes is on the rise.



Addressing the symposium in Darwin, Dr Victor Galan-Sauco from the International Society for Horticultural Science, said prospects for more mango plantings were good, and the industry was enjoying big increases in the number of mangoes being imported.


Mexico remains the world’s biggest exporter of mangoes, followed by India, Thailand and Brazil.


Dr Galan-Sauco said China was the world’s second-biggest mango producer, but even though it produced about 4.4 million tonnes a year, it was still a net importer.


Amongst the crowd of more than 200 delegates was Albert Vandenberg from Canada, who has recently started running a mango plantation in Mexico.


He said the mango industry looked like having a bright future. “I do think the world is ready to eat more mangoes, there’s no question about it,” he told ABC Rural. “I do think there’s scope for a lot of expansion, because people love the fruit.”


Mr Vandenberg has exporting plans for his own farm, hoping to send mangoes back to his home country of Canada.


“We have a problem in Canada in that we get a lot of mangoes in the supermarkets, but the quality is just terrible and they pick them so green.


“So we thought we’d give this a go. We’re in our first year of production. We had to sell fruit locally this year, but our plan is to truck them up to Canada.


“If we can get decent fruit at the right time, I think consumers will respond. “We’re not going to become a big multi-national fruit company, but it’s fun,” he said.


“I like the genetics part of it, and there’s lots of scope for matching the mango to the customer.”


The Australian mango industry has set itself an ambitious goal of doubling the amount of mangoes it exports by 2020.


Source: ABC Rural

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