AUSTRALIA: Lychee business bounces back with showcase at Food & Wine

Lychee Divine owners Kerry and John Pool will be showcasing their lychee-based products at this weekend’s Good Food & Wine festival in Brisbane, after an “amazing” business turn-around.



After four years of harsh weather and poor lychee yield, it was the sale of a tractor that kept the family-owned business afloat when they reached their worst financial situation in June this year.


“We were real close to shutting shop, you’ve got no idea,” Kerry said.


Since then, the family has showcased Lychee Divine’s liqueur, vinegar and sauces at expos which has turned around the business.


“This weekend’s show won’t help us so much in revenue but is great for marketing, and we tell people about all the good parts of the Fraser Coast.”


Not only are the Pooles feeling more confident in their business, but they are also upbeat about the upcoming lychee yield.


“Everything’s falling into place now – sometimes you’ve just got to keep going until you get there,” Kerry said.


Source: Fraser Coast Chronicle

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