CANADA: Pineapple now a leather alternative for shoes

Seven years in the making, a designer in the Philippines has found that pineapple leaves can be used an alternative to leather.



The product, named Pinatex, is a middle-ground between traditional leather and petroleum based textiles says designer Carmen Hijosa. The pineapple-based alternative has been used in prototypes for both Puma and Camper.


Pineapples leaves are a by-product of the already on-going harvest and can provide as much strength as traditional leather. The fibres are initially made into a mesh before going through a chemical process to create Pinatex, the end product.


As it stands, the product has a ways to go before it can be used to make running shoes due to its lack of breathability. Unlikely as it may sound, Nike has made a leather running shoe in the past as a part of its Nike Free line.


Source: Running Magazine

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