According to the Agrodata Peru website, Peruvian banana exports between January and April 2019 amounted to 53,854,076 dollars, i.e. nearly 13% less than the 61,866,836 dollars achieved in the same period of 2018.



The main export destinations include the Netherlands, which accounts for 30% of shipments, the United States (21%), Panama (14%), Belgium (10%), Germany (7%), and South Korea (7%).


The main exporters were Pronatur, Cooperativa Agraria Appbosa, Agronegocios Los Ángeles, Bananica, the Association of Small Organic Producers of Querecotillo, and the Association of Small Producers of organic banana Valle del Chira, among others.


The average price per kilo, as of April, was USD 0.69, a lower number than the USD 0.73 of the previous year. The fall in price is due to the increased production of bananas in Ecuador, Colombia, and Central America.


Piura produces 1,200 to 1,500 boxes of bananas per hectare each year, while the competitor countries can produce an average of 2,800 boxes per hectare.


According to the Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCR), banana exports went from USD 26 million in 2007 to 166 million in 2018, which means they’ve had an annual growth rate of 18%.


The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) indicates that 25% of world production of tropical fruits and bananas originates in Latin America and the Caribbean, with an average annual production of about 54 million tons. The region’s exports of bananas and other tropical fruits dollars in the 2016-2018 period amounted to 11 billion, and they are expected to increase due to higher revenues and a change in consumer preferences.


Source: El Tiempo
Translation: Freshplaza

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