PHOTO: Pineapple challenge aims to sell produce amidst the lockdown. SOURCE: The Hindu

The Anad agriculture office in association with the marketing cell of the Agriculture Department has launched the Pineapple Challenge to help sell 300 tonnes of pineapple grown by a farmer, Benny, on 25 acres of leased land in Anad grama panchayat.

Though the harvest was set to begin last week, it was deferred due to marketing challenges in the lockdown period. However, with the lockdown extended till May 3, the pineapple crop could not be left unharvested any more.

As part of the department’s Jeevani Sanjeevani project, the coordinators of the marketing cell have been trying to get produce in one area transported to the other so that it can be assured of a market, says S. Jayakumar, district coordinator of the cell.

Some pineapple has been sold through farmers’ markets under the Anad Amritham Bhakshyakalavara initiative.

Only eight tonnes of pineapple could be sold so far. Hence, the Pineapple Challenge and attractive offers are in store. Six kg of pineapple can be bought for ₹100. If it is second quality pineapple, 8 kg can be purchased for the same amount. One gets six pineapples free on purchase of 100 kg of pineapple.

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