To realize the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the active involvement of the private sector will be indispensable. Private companies and producer organizations have a key role to play in sustainable development, both through their investments and the impacts of their operations on people, the economy and the environment. For thisContinue Reading

2020 has been an unprecedented year which witnessed how disruptions can shape the dynamics of commonplace engagements. As rapidly as the pandemic swept nations, the responses to mitigate these disruption were equally swift, with various adjustments introduced to fit into the ‘new norm’. In light of the coronavirus pandemic andContinue Reading

The 2020 yearend issue of TFNet Newsfeed reports on the “Virtual workshop series research on banana fusarium wilt” and includes a special New Year Message from the Secretariat.Other news highlights include: CHINA: 400M middle-class sector ‘promising market’ for PH goods USA: Del Monte’s new ‘juicier and sweeter’ pink pineapple isContinue Reading