SOURCE: Levante TRANSLATION: Freshplaza In many cases, the avocado is grown on land that was previously devoted to the production of oranges and clementines. Currently, the Valencian Community has 2,800 hectares of avocado, a crop that has rapidly expanded throughout the community and, according to Celestino Recatala, the vice presidentContinue Reading

SOURCE: Produce Report China’s demand for high-quality fresh avocados continues to grow and its avocado production and imports are expected to continue to increase in coming years, according to a recent report by China-based staff at the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Growth of Chinese avocado consumption is being driven byContinue Reading

SOURCE: Tim Karman, The Washington Post Avocados, the fruit known as “green gold” because of their ability to generate billions of dollars for producers, are apparently so abundant right now that South American farmers are just giving them away. A nonprofit group in Philadelphia passed out hundreds of thousands ofContinue Reading

SOURCE: Xinhua Kenya’s integrated agro-business firm Kakuzi confirmed Tuesday it has secured pre-shipment approval from the Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service (KEPHIS), the country’s plant health regulatory agency, for its second fresh avocado shipment to China. Kakuzi Managing Director Christopher Flowers said the company will be shipping several 20-foot containerContinue Reading

SOURCE: Doris Gomora, Business Insider Mexico is the world’s top producer of avocados, a $3 billion-a-year industry that has earned the fruit the nickname oro verde, or “green gold.” But that moniker has taken on a new irony for everyday Mexicans, who have watched prices increase sharply amid the convergingContinue Reading

SOURCE: Kylie Madry, Reuters Mexico said it would prohibit subcontracting of day laborers in the avocado and berry industries, partly to ensure companies complied with requirements under the country’s trade agreement with the United States and Canada. Labor Minister Luisa Maria Alcalde said on Monday her ministry would publish aContinue Reading