SOURCE: Lucía Vásconez, El Comercio TRANSLATION: Freshplaza Data published by the Central Bank of Ecuador (ECB) confirms that banana and plantain exports between January and August 2021 have decreased when compared to the same period of the previous year. In this period, shipments of Musaceae to international markets reached aContinue Reading

SOURCE: Livemint A team of Indian scientists has used tea and banana waste to prepare non-toxic activated carbon, which could useful for industrial pollution control, water purification, food and beverage processing, and odour removal. The newly developed process avoids usage of toxic agent for synthesising activated carbon, thus making theContinue Reading

SOURCE: Andrew Spence, InDaily An Adelaide company that has spent more than 15 years perfecting its system of turning banana plantation waste into food packaging has completed a factory-scale trial to demonstrate the commercial viability of producing pizza boxes, burger clamshells, meal containers and dishes. The share price of publicly-listedContinue Reading

SOURCE: Hortidaily TRANSLATION: Groentennieuws The Neder Banaan greenhouse in the Netherlands now boasts fully-fledged banana bunches. In June, the first flower appeared and the first Neder Banaan was ‘born’. Roughly 100 banana trees grow in the greenhouse. Some are for research purposes, but some bananas will be marketed. And they’llContinue Reading

SOURCE: Dhaka Tribune Braving the Covid-19 pandemic, farmers are eying a bumper production of banana this year in Rangpur agriculture region where cultivation of the crop is continuously increasing. Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) officials said farmers have cultivated bananas on 4,209 hectares of land, including on 2,559 hectares duringContinue Reading