INDIA: Dual fruits of pineapple farming

In the hilly regions of Kozhikode, pineapple cultivation is slowly catching on. At Thiruvambadi, Koodaranji, and Koombara, farmers lease out their land, mostly new rubber plantations, to seasoned pineapple cultivators. Two purposes are served — the fruit, planted as an intercrop, gives reasonable returns to both the landowner and the tenant; and it prevents soil […]

VIETNAM: Country seeks to expand overseas market for lychees

It is the law of supply and demand; if there is an excess in supply of a certain product and the demand is low, prices would naturally go down.   This is what is happening right now in Vietnam. Local traders, including the small market vendors, are complaining of the declining price of lychees.   […]

NICARAGUA: bananas imported again by El Salvador and Honduras

Bananas produced in Puerto Morazán regained the attention of importers from Honduras and El Salvador, who had abandoned them in favour of Rivas’ production, where overproduction and the alleged lack of Costa Rican buyers had caused prices to drop. The return of these buyers has stabilised banana prices in the area.   “With the return […]

SRI LANKA: Company plans USD 1.2M worth of fruit projects

Sri Lanka’s Lee Hedges PLC is planning to set up a Apparel Training Centre in Jaffna and cultivate Red Lady, Papaya and Cavendish bananas in Vavuniya in a bid to help communities living in those areas to build a livelihood.   The company says the projects are CSR driven.   The Apparel Training Center in […]

VIETNAM: “We are not importing Chinese litchi” – Trade Minister

Earlier, the media alleged that Chinese lychee were imported into Vietnam via several border gates, such as Coc Nam and Tan Thanh, in northern Lang Son Province.   Due to tension in the East Sea, Vietnam’s exports of litchi to China have ceased. Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Do Thang Hai said at the […]

MALAYSIA: Durian feast raises $50,507

Durian lovers came together for a good cause recently as they ate for charity in the 7th Jom Durian event held in The Summit, Subang Jaya.   With more than 2,000 participants, the event raised RM130,000 ($50,507), which would be channelled towards the Children’s Wish Society of Malaysia.   This society is dedicated to helping […]

Bangladesh officials visit fruit development programmes in Malaysia

International Tropical Fruits Network (TFNet) organized a study tour focussing on the development of the fruit industry in Malaysia, for the  Bangladesh Department of Agriculture Extension on 18-24 June 2014.   The participants of the study tour were 12 officials from various offices of the Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE), Ministry of Agriculture, Bangladesh. The […]

Study tour on public rice export, procurement, stocking, storage and distribution and food safety regulations in Malaysia

The International Tropical Fruits Network (TFNet) jointly collaborated with The Agricultural and Food Marketing Association for Asia and the Pacific (AFMA) to organize a study tour on the Malaysian rice industry for officials from the Ministry of Food, Bangladesh on 22-28 June 2014. Participants of the study tour included 7 officials from the Ministry of […]

TFNet to host international symposium on tropical fruits in Malaysia

  According to FAO, World production and trade of fresh tropical fruit is expected to expand over the next decade. Developing countries account for about 98 percent of total production, while developed countries account for 80 percent of world import trade. The major tropical fruits, mango, pineapples, papaya and avocado account for approximately 75 percent […]

China to host fruit and vegetable expo in November

  The 5th iFresh Shanghai Fru & Veg Expo, to be held in Shanghai International Exhibition Center, China on 20-22 November 2014, is the only professional trade exhibition in mainland China for the producers, distributors, service providers and retailers of fresh fruit and vegetables.   Organized by the iFresh Information Ltd, China Fruit Marketing Association, and China Vegetable […]

“Super Bananas” enter market trials

Since Watson and Crick first revealed the double helix of our genetic code in 1953, scientists have gained the ability to give just about every living thing a genetic makeover. Unsurprisingly, given their humanitarian and economic importance, many of these alterations have been to crop plants. Many are being re-engineered to resist disease, drought and […]

XI International Mango Symposium: Call for Abstracts

XI International Mango Symposium Call for Abstracts now open. Closes 30 October 2014. Abstract submission is now open for the XI International Mango Symposium. The committee invites authors to submit abstracts for oral and poster presentation at the Symposium in 2015 under the themes listed below: • Genetics and Breeding • Botany and Physiology • […]