China to host fruit and vegetable expo in November


The 5th iFresh Shanghai Fru & Veg Expo, to be held in Shanghai International Exhibition Center, China on 20-22 November 2014, is the only professional trade exhibition in mainland China for the producers, distributors, service providers and retailers of fresh fruit and vegetables.


Organized by the iFresh Information Ltd, China Fruit Marketing Association, and China Vegetable Marketing Association, iFresh Shanghai focuses on the trade matching of fresh fruit and vegetables and fresh technology presentations.  iFresh is committed to help connect growers and agencies to large buyers, as well as introducing advanced technologies to stakeholders.


The exhibits will range from fresh fruit and vegetables; fresh-cut and convenience items; exotic produce; organic produce; packaging, grading, and sorting technologies; produce handling and storage; quality control and technical services; computer and internet solution; marketing and market research; consultancy; cultivation systems, seeds, and plant materials; transport and logistical systems; cold-chain technologies; and government agencies.


Concurring events include the 2nd Reverse Purchase Meeting, the 5th China Fruit Marketing Congress, the China Fruit and Vegetable Grow Technology Forum, China Fresh Produce Packaging and Cold Chain Logistics Forum, and a promotion event for the honor country.


The 5th China Fruit Marketing Congress will bring together 300 participants from importers, major chain hypermarket, distributors, agents, importers, exporters and growers of fresh fruits and vegetables, to discuss the subjects such as 2014 -2015 forecast to fruit growing and analysis for market trends and Common fruits and vegetables procurement category trend prediction in 2015.


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