Malaysia hosts the 8th TFNet Board of Trustees Session

The 8th Session of the International Tropical Fruits Network (TFNet) Board of Trustees (BOT) was held in Putrajaya, Malaysia on 12-13 August 2014.



The Board of Trustees meeting was Chaired by Dr. Yi Ganjun, Vice-Chairperson of TFNet and Vice-President of the Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China. The Vice Chairperson for the Board meeting was Dr. Trinh Khac Quang, Vice President of Viet Nam Academy of Agricultural Sciences and TFNet Vice-Chairperson, while Mr. Muhammad Salimi Sajari, Undersecretary from the  Malaysian Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry (MOA) represented TFNet Chairperson and Secretary-General Dato’ Mohd Arif Bin Ab. Rahman. The Secretary of FAO’s Intergovernmental Group on Tropical Fruits, Mr. Kaison Chang was also present with Chief Executive Officer Yacob Ahmad acting as Secretary.


Thirty-four delegates participated in the meeting including 11 country members, 1 associate member, 1 expert member, 2 FAO representatives, 13 observers including from Asian-African Rural Development Organization (AARDO) and Center of Integrated Rural Development for Asia and Pacific (CIRDAP) and the TFNet Secretariat.


TFNet CEO, Yacob presented the TFNet progress report for 2013-2014, including projects and consultancies, capacity building activities, workshops, and information dissemination, finance and administration report, and networking efforts with other international organizations. The planned activities for 2014 and 2015 were also discussed.


Australia representative Robert Williams and Sudan representative Baldreldin Elshiek Elhassan presented the internal audit report which outlined TFNet’s performance the past 12 months. The auditors recommended that the network needed to boost up its financial sourcing capabilities to ensure sustainability of the network.


Before making any amendments to the TFNet Constitution  to review the membership fees for country members, the Secretariat was requested to look at all possible options and propose an acceptable quantum for all country members.


The draft of the TFNet Strategic Plan for 2014-2020 presented the framework in the next 6 years through strategic areas like strengthening linkages with common interest groups, enhance communication and coordinated with other networks, and tackle critical issues in production, consumption, and trade of tropical fruits. The meeting agreed that the draft plan be sent to all members for comments before finalising it.


Dr. Yi Ganjun also presented the China – ASEAN Agricultural Science and Technology Network, which was established by the Ministry of Science and Technology, People’s Republic of China. It aims to bring China and ASEAN agricultural scientific organizations, universities, and enterprises together. The Network carries out scientific forums, academic exchange, and personnel training for agriculture officers, technicians, enterprises, and farmers.


Members also discussed pressing issues of the tropical fruit industry in their respective countries such as pests and diseases, information dissemination, increasing costs of inputs, quality planting materials, postharvest losses, SPS issues, and poor marketability of fruits.


The Board decided that the 9th TFNet Board meeting for 2015 will be held in Sri Lanka.


After the meeting, a field trip was organised to a jackfruit farm and a processing center for minimally processed chilled durian.




Board of Trustees and Delegates


Muhammad Salimi Sajari, representing

HE Dato’ Mohd Arif Bin Ab. Rahman

TFNet Chairperson and Representative of the Government Malaysia

Ministry of Agriculture, Malaysia


Dr. Yi Ganjun

TFNet Vice-Chairperson and Representative of the Government of China

Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China


Dr. Trinh Khac Quang

TFNet Vice-Chairperson and Representative of the Government Viet Nam

Viet Nam Academy of Agricultural Sciences


Mr. Kaison Chang

Representative of the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO)


Mr. Yacob Ahmad


Chief Executive Officer of TFNet


Dr. Hasanuddin Ibrahim

Representative of the Government of Indonesia

Ministry of Agriculture, Indonesia


Dr. Prakash Patil, representing

Dr. Vinod Kumar Singh

Representative of the Government of India

Indian Institute of Technology


Mr. Danilo Dannug, representing

Atty. Paz J. Benavidez

Representative of the Government of Philippines


Dr. D.B.T. Wijeratne

Representative of the Government of Sri Lanka



Mr. Shalendra Prasad, representing

Ms. Meliakere Nawaikula

Representative of the Government of Fiji

Ministry of Agriculture, Fiji


Dr. Adelaja Babasola, representing

Dr. Adenike Olusolape Olufolaji

Representative of the Government of Nigeria

National Institute for Horticultural Research (NIHORT), Nigeria


Dr. Badreldeen Elshiekh Mohamed Elhassan

Representative of the Government of Sudan

Department of Horticulture, Sudan


Mr. Bob Williams

Representative of the Government of Australia

Northern Territory Department of Resources, Australia


Mr. Ali Abdallah Jaleel

Representative of the Government of Saudi Arabia

Najran Horticulture Research Center, Saudi Arabia


Mr. Mahpudz Shariff

Associate Member, Sime Darby Food and Beverage, Malaysia


Dr. Janie Liew

Expert Member, Universiti Malaya Sabah, Malaysia




Dr. Hassan M. Ali Dinar

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Saudi Arabia


Mdm Peyanoot Naka

Department of Agriculture, Thailand


Dr. Than Than Sein

Myanmar Fruit, Flower, and Vegetable Producers and Exporters, Myanmar


Dr. Cecep Effendi

Centre on Integrated Rural Development for Asia and the Pacific (CIRDAP)


Dr. Manoj Nardeosingh

Afro-Asian Rural Development Organization (AARDO)



Dr. Nguyen Quoc Hung

Fruit and Vegetable Research Institute, Viet Nam


Dr. Nguyen Van Hoa

Southern Horticulture Research Institute, Viet Nam


Mr. Jeffrey Choong

Fruit Farmers Association, Malaysia


Mr. Mansor Omar

Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority (FAMA), Malaysia


Mr. Tengku Malik Tengku Makmum

Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MARDI), Malaysia


Dr. Deng Gui Ming

Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China


Dr. Zuo Cunwu

Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China

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