AUSTRALIA: US trade could ease bumper lychee season

by Ashley Walmsley, Farm Weekly   The Australian lychee season is expected to end in a flourish after a sluggish start to summer.   Growers have foreshadowed a strong supply of high quality fruit will hit stores soon. The later finish is due to North Queensland’s delayed production.   The back end of the season […]

NIGERIA: Why mango, guava leaves cure diarrhoea

by Sade Oguntola, Tribune   Since ancient times, diarrhoea has been recognised as one of the most important health issues world wide, particularly afflicting those populations of socio-economically backward classes and third-world countries.   Globally, about 2.2 million people have been killed annually by diarrhoea, majority of them being infants and children below the age of […]

MEXICO: Innovative technology to keep mangoes in excellent condition

Addressing the needs of a company that sells mango as raw material for processing as puree, nectar or juice, researchers at the University of Guanajuato (UGTO), in the center of Mexico, designed a prototype pasteurization machine and a procedures manual to keep products in excellent condition after harvest.   Thanks to the Innovation Research Program […]

USA: Peru looming, California avocado shippers start early

by Andy Nelson, The Packer   With Peru expected to ship considerably more fruit this summer, many California avocado shippers will ship more early to take advantage of spring markets.   For the first three months of the year, California growers will likely ship twice as much as they did in the first three months […]

BANGLADESH: Mango sprouting creates eye-catching look

As the winter season says goodbye, hundreds and thousands of mango trees have started sprouting during the last couple of weeks buds rapidly in Rajshahi region, traditionally known as the hub of the delicious fruit.   The blooming mango flowering at this stage predicts an excellent production of the most popular fruit in the region […]

USA: An avocado success story

By Patrick A. McLaughlin and Candace McTeer, special to the Tampa Bay Times   You probably don’t think about free trade when you dip a chip into some guacamole or bite into an avocado seasoned with just a little lemon juice and salt. But maybe you should. The avocado has become more common — and […]

INDIA: Machine for cleaning tamarind developed

by M. Balaganessin, The Hindu   The Tamil Nadu Agricultural University – Agricultural Engineering College and Research Institute has developed a new equipment for cleaning raw tamarind of seed as part of value-addition in marketing the produce.     The equipment, called metal roll de-seeder, involves a simple principle for shearing the fruit which is the […]