MALAYSIA: Hot weather brings good tidings for durian farmers

by Arnold Loh, The Star Online   It has been a hot and dry season since late last year, but a delicious upside to the parched weather may be coming soon.     Durian trees in Balik Pulau are flowering in all their glory, and orchard owners are expecting a bumper crop this season.   […]

USA: California avocado volumes up for Cinco de Mayo

by Andy Nelson, The Packer   With California off to an early start, Mexico will get a hand in meeting U.S. demand for avocados this Cinco de Mayo.   California volumes should make up a significantly bigger piece of the Cinco de Mayo pie this year than last year, said Rob Wedin, vice president of […]

ECUADOR: Banana producing countries concerned about Panama disease

by Washington Paspuel, El Comercio   Latin American banana producing and exporting countries are concerned about a new strain of the Panama disease. This new strain of the fungus has not yet appeared in the region, which, according to the FAO, provides 90% of the bananas consumed in the world.     This concern was […]

INDIA: Guava acreage jumps to 20,292 ha

The acreage under guava cultivation in Chhattisgarh has reached 20,292 hectares during 2014-15, officials claimed. In 2004-05 the acreage under guava cultivation was a mere 3,641 hectares, they stated. The State Government’s Horticulture Department which is implementing a promotion scheme for the fruit had led to quantum jump in the area under guava cultivation in […]

MAURITIUS: Doors open for Indian mangoes

by Archana Aroor, FnBNews   New export markets such as Mauritius are opening their doors to India allowing imports of mangoes for the first time. Maharashtra, which is the hub for the king of mangoes – Alphonso – is now gearing up to reach these new markets with great zeal.   In wake of last […]

Powerpoint presentations for Workshop on ‘Enhancing Market Access for Tropical Fruits in East Africa and GCC Countries through Quality Improvement, Proper Post Harvest Handling and Pest and Disease Management’

1. Overview on Global Tropical Fruit Production and Trade: Issues and Challenges Yacob Ahmad 2. Quality Assurance, Food Safety and Standards for Market Opportunities in Tropical Fruits Abu-Bakr Ali Abu-Goukh 3. Postharvest Management Practices in Tropical Fruits for Market Access Kahil S. Yousif 4. Fruit fly management practices on tropical fruit in Africa Talal S. […]

PAKISTAN: Panama disease detected in banana plantations in Pakistan and Lebanon

Following outbreaks in Jordan and Mozambique just over a year ago, the Tropical Race 4 strain (TR4) of Fusarium oxysporum – the cause of Panama disease in Cavendish bananas – has now spread to Pakistan and Lebanon. TR4 was also reported in Queensland, Australia, on 15 March 2015. These events underline once more the extent […]

USA: Next generation GMOs include pink pineapples

Cancer-fighting pink pineapples, heart-healthy purple tomatoes and less fatty vegetable oils may someday be on U.S. grocery shelves alongside more traditional products.   These genetically engineered foods could receive government approval in the coming years, following the OK given recently given to apples that don’t brown and potatoes that don’t bruise.   The companies and […]

MALAYSIA: Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Ministry aims to market MD2 pineapple variety to more countries

by Nuradzimmah Daim, New Straights Time   Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Ministry hopes to market the local MD2 pineapple variety to more countries.   Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob in wrapping up the debate on the motion of thanks on the Royal Address by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong in Dewan Rakyat said the pineapple […]

PAKISTAN: Guava exports, Vapour Heat Treatment to bear fruit

By Farhan Zaheer, the Express Tribune   After having research and experimented for over two months, the government and the private sector have succeeded in producing fruit fly-free guavas through Vapour Heat Treatment (VHT).   All Pakistan Fruit and Vegetable Exporters Importers and Merchants Association (PFVA) and Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) – the apex national […]

INDIA: Lone tree in Kallar yields 180 durians

by Pratiksha Ramkumar, The Times of India   The phones at Kallar Garden, run by the Nilgiris Horticulture Department, have been ringing non-stop for the past two months. It is that time of the year when people rush to this garden to get their hands on one precious durian fruit.   The fruit season, which […]

MOZAMBIQUE: Banana production expands to Nampula province

The Eráti district, in Mozambique’s Nampula province, wants to increase the volume of banana exports to the Asian market and find new markets for its product.   According to Mozambican daily newspaper Notícias the local government plans to provide the Jacarandá Agrícola agricultural company with land of over 6,000 hectares in Mirrote (Namiroa) to allow […]