INDIA: Kerala pioneer eyes new horizons for jackfruit industry

by Shree Padre, India Together   A new food processing company in Kerala proposes to market innovative products, the success of which could well place the largely neglected jackfruit in the focus of attention of bigger players in the state’s food processing industry.     Artocarpus Foods Private Limited, is a newly started food processing […]

Tropical fruit symposium to be held in Sri Lanka

  UPDATE: For more information about the Symposium, click here.   Developing countries, particularly in Asia, Latin America, and Africa, account for about 98 percent of global tropical and subtropical fruit production. In the last decade, international trade of these fruits has expanded dramatically as developing countries recognize the benefits of diversifying products. Initially, tropical […]

MEXICO: Pineapple cultivation has plummeted

Pineapple production in Medellin has plummeted and producers are trying to place it in the markets of Veracruz, said Lidia Chipuli Lara, president of the Board of Improvements of La Laguna, in that municipality.   “You can see how things are, there have been farmers who lost this year, there was little planting and there […]

USA: Saving The Sweetest Watermelon The South Has Ever Known

by Jill Neimark, National Public Radio   The most luscious watermelon the Deep South has ever produced was once so coveted, 19th-century growers used poison or electrocuting wires to thwart potential thieves, or simply stood guard with guns in the thick of night. The legendary Bradford was delectable — but the melon didn’t ship well, […]

GUAM: Typhoon winds destroy banana farmers’ crops

by Cameron Miculka, Pacific Daily News   Guam’s farmers are working to recover from damage wrought by Typhoon Dolphin, which hit the island with high winds, especially in the north.   Among the most affected are the island’s banana farmers, like Bernard Watson, of Yigo. Typhoon Dolphin took out eight acres of his banana crop, […]

MALAYSIA: Durian lovers can look forward to the numbing bliss of fruits with a fifth flavour

by Jolynn Francis, The Star Online   Durian lovers and adventurous foodies can expect to binge on more durians this season compared to last year.   Bao Sheng Durian Farm third- generation farmer Chang Zhi Vooi, 21, said this was due to the good weather this year which brought on the growth of more of […]

JAMAICA: Gov’t in big banana export push

The Government says it will be putting $250 million into a project aimed at revitalising banana production for the export market.   The Banana Export Expansion Programme (BEEP) — details of which were provided at an investment forum in Montego Bay recently — targets new and existing farmers in the traditional banana-growing parishes of Portland, […]

INDIA: Major lychee crop damaged in late rains

by Satyavrat Mishra, Business Standard   Unseasonal rains and hail storm had a huge negative impact on the lychee fruit crop which is largely produced in Bihar, thus costing farmers dear this year. The inclement weather has affected the trees that not only subsequently lowered the yield by 20-25%, but also reduced the quality of […]

COSTA RICA: Avocado prices will soar due to import bans

by Maat van Uitert, Inquisitr   As if a spewing volcano wasn’t enough, Costa Rica is now expected to experience an avocado shortage after that country banned imports of the fruit from several major international suppliers, including the United States. Costa Rica has also halted imports from Mexico, the world’s largest producer of avocados. Other […]

PERU: OCEX hopes to export bananas to Japan

by Luis Miguel Guerrero, Periodismo   The Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Tourism (OCEX) in Tokyo participating in events and trade fairs, such as “Foodex”, with the objective of helping national companies to export organic bananas to the Japanese market.     The opportunity to export bananas arises as the result of a drought […]

MEXICO: Pitahaya season starts in Sinaloa

by Yolanda Tenorio, El Dabate   Every year, trade with this fruit, characteristic of Sinaloa, provides employment to dozens of families.     Although production volumes are still low, the pitahaya harvest has already started in San Ignacio, temporarily reactivating the town’s economy.   A very small group of street traders were selling four kilo […]

NEW ZEALAND: Select avocado growers make good returns

by Gerard Hutching, New Zealand Farmer   Avocado growers who use Seeka Kiwifruit Industries as their packer have received much higher prices for their exports than others in the industry, the company says.   Grower returns per hectare through Tauranga-based Seeka for the 2014-15 season were $46,000 compared to the industry average of $21,000.   […]