INFO: Big avocado supplier announces merger with Mexican grower

  GreenFruit Avocados, a fully integrated avocado supplier, announces their merger with Mexican grower and packing house, FrutiVal. The merger between GreenFruit and FrutiVal will position the company to create direct programs from Mexico to the U.S. and other overseas markets year-round. FrutiVal also provides GreenFruit with a state-of-the-art packing facility in Uruapan, Michoacán equipped […]

PERU: Peruvian citrus; “We will surpass the 115,000 tons”

  “Peru’s citrus harvest began in early March with the early varieties, such as the Satsuma variety. Production continues during the winter months with other varieties such as clementines, Minneola tangelo, Novas, W. Murcott, etc., and the citrus season comes to an end around September, with the late varieties and table oranges. This year we […]

INFO: GreenFruit Avocados merges with Mexican grower FrutiVal

  GreenFruit Avocados, a fully integrated avocado supplier based in Newport Beach, CA, announced that it has merged with FrutiVal, a Mexican grower and packinghouse. The merger will position the company to create direct programs from Mexico to the United States and other overseas markets year-round.   FrutiVal also provides GreenFruit with a state-of-the-art packing […]

INFO: Weather hits RSA citrus volumes

by Fred Meintjes, Fruitnet   Southern Africa’s Citrus Marketing Forum (CMF) has issued its first forecast for the new season, which began in February with shipments of lemons, with the total volume from the region expected to reach 111.2m 15 kg cartons – 6 per cent down on last year.   “Whilst the drought that has […]

SOUTH AFRICA: Over 25% less South African avocados due to hail

  The South African avocado season has started at Hagé International. Earlier this month Elena Rogojnikova visited supplier ZZ2 to view the production with her own eyes. “The market for avocados is very good at the moment. The prices are good and there is enough demand. We are looking forward to the coming season. We are […]

NEW ZEALAND: “Best avocado season ever for Seeka”

by Nichola Watson, Fresh Plaza   Last year New Zealand company Seeka Industries took over Australian Bunbartha Fruit Packers and according to CEO Michael Franks, all is proceeding to plan. “All our business systems have been initiated and financial and selling systems are under way. We have development plans being carried out in the orchards and […]

US (CA): Avocado supplies ample, prices stay depressed

by Jennifer Harrison, Fresh Plaza   The supply of California avocados will be strong from both the southern and northern growing regions of the state, where avocado trees thrive.   “The California harvest is beginning to exceed 10 million pounds per week and will continue to increase through the spring,” said Chris Varvel of Henry Avocado […]

CHINA: Demonstration encourages love for avocado

by  Anouk Sijmonsma, Fresh Plaza   Ready-to-eat avocados “We were one of the first companies to import avocado into China before Chinese consumers knew about this item. At the beginning, we did go through a hard time. We could only move half a container every two weeks. After that, our effort paid off. Currently, we are […]

INFO: El Niño affects avocado harvest

by Phillip Orange, Peru This Week   The weather phenomenon, El Niño is causing issues in the agriculture sector affecting crops such as the avocado.   The weather phenomenon known as El Niño is taking its toll across Peru many industries are having issues especially in the agricultural sector. One fruit in practically is having issues, […]

US: Promising rootstock combinations for citrus disease tolerance

  Citrus disease huanglongbing (HLB) is having a devastating effect on Florida’s citrus industry; it is estimated that more than 80% of citrus trees are currently infected and Florida citrus production in 2014-15 was the lowest recorded in the past 50 years. Sweet orange and grapefruit, which account for more than 95% of Florida citrus […]

STUDY: Experts say fighting misperceptions about GE crops begins with educating public

by  Crop Protection News Reports   Increased crop yield, enhanced nutrient content, improved herbivore resistance and overall improved product quality are a few important advantages of agricultural biotechnology, according to a new academic paper.   The paper, entitled “Food and Energy Security,” was written by Virginia Tech researchers Eric Hallerman and Elizabeth Grabau. It aims to combat […]

INFO: Plant pathologist joins Florida’s battle against citrus greening

  Liliana Cano has joined a team of University of Florida researchers in their efforts to help citrus growers. The University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences’ Indian River Research and Education Center is one of 12 research stations around Florida that serve the state’s important agricultural production regions. Research faculty at the […]