SPAIN: Grupo Femago presents its Veg&Fruit-branded melons and watermelons

  Grupo Femago has invested heavily in summer fruits now that the weather is getting hotter and demand is on the rise. At an event this week, focused on both gastronomic and technical aspects, it promoted its new brand Veg&Fruit, which serves to identify the highest quality products in its range.   Melons and watermelons […]

SINGAPORE: Durian prices to drop

  In Singapore, some durian vendors have reported that consumers have been buying less of the fruit after reports of an expected hike in prices.   It was reported that weather problems have delayed the fruits’ peak season, which is usually from June to July, and as a result consumers would have to pay more. […]

CHINA: Heat causes difficulties for tree-ripe papayas

by Maarten Gernay, Fresh Plaza     “In the 10 days before the picking of the tree-ripe papayas starts, no pesticides can be used. The sugar content, however, increases together with the ripeness. This attracts a lot of insects.  Tree-ripe papayas are 90% ripe when they are picked. When the weather is hot, control of the […]

NEW ZEALAND: NZ awaits bumper avocado crop

  Weather permitting, the new 2016-17 avocado season harvest will begin this month, and with the arrival of the new fruits, the prices, which are currently around $5.99 each in Whangarei supermarkets, should ease.   NZ Avocado chief executive Jen Scoular told The Country current high prices for avocados were for fruit at the tail […]

PERU : “The prices paid by the US for Peruvian avocados changed our estimates”

    Peruvian avocado exports may increase by 10% this year, according to the General Manager of ProHass, Arturo Medina Castro. “Although we are only 35% into the campaign, we estimate that we will be exporting an average of 180,000 tonnes of avocados, of which 60% will go to Europe, 30% to the US and […]

CHINA: Start of seedless lychee harvest; variety endemic to Hainan Island

    “The Hainan seedless lychee will be ready for harvest in one week. Some regular clients have already placed orders. At the same time we need to pay close attention to the growth and ripening of our crop. Therefore our schedule has been very busy these weeks,” explains Ms. Zhang Li from Hainan Luqiao […]

MEXICO: Local company specialize in producing organic bananas in Colima

by Kelly den Herder, Fresh Plaza     Unlike conventional bananas, which are relatively easy to grow in many tropical areas, organic bananas must be cultivated in very specific conditions, and this is only possible in a few regions. Colima, Mexico, is one of those regions with the right microclimate, and Tropical Organic Growers is a […]

CHINA: Xiale watermelons resist low prices

by Elisa Xing, Fresh Plaza     “Our indoor watermelon season starts in the beginning of May and runs until August. Prices have been stable so far, and our sales have been strong,” says Mr. Tian Yinghui of the company Xiale Agriculture Technology Service located in Shanxi province.   Large supply “On a national level, watermelons […]

EUROPEAN UNION: Green skin avocados flood EU market

by Nichola Watson, Fresh Plaza     After having such a long period where avocados were like gold dust and cost almost as much, the European market for green skin varietal took a sharp dip in week 19 due to record volumes arriving from South Africa and Peru.   “The green skin season has been very […]

AUSTRALIA: Farmers call for certainty as backpackers search for other working holiday destinations

by Amy McCosker, ABC News     Pineapple farmers in central Queensland want politicians to commit to not imposing a backpacker tax.   The Federal Government decided to delay the proposed 32.5 per cent tax on all earnings of people on working holiday visas.   But farmers say it’s such an important issue that politicians should […]

ITALY: New packaging melons, seedless mini watermelons

    A new range to promote premium melons and watermelons – Don Camillo Più has its own packaging and is available in the 6-5-4 fruit versions.   Ettore Cagna, president of Agricola Don Camillo, told us everything about the new range, which will be available until September.   Mini and midi seedless watermelons have been […]

COSTA RICA: Canada is a great market for tropical fruits

by Kelly den Herder, Fresh Plaza     Costa Rica is a small country compared to other tropical fruit producing countries of Central America, but its extraordinary soils guarantee excellent quality fruits. An example of this is the Pococí papaya, a Costa Rican variety that is mainly exported to Canada. “It is a variety grown only […]