ARGENTINA: “Rains not affecting our avocados, but we are on alert”

  Even though the rains in recent months are causing problems in the central region of Argentina, they have not affected the avocado production and its harvest. However, the alert remains in force for the entire Argentine territory. “The area of Tucuman, the main producing province of avocados, is not in danger, but we are […]

INFO: Bayer’s innovations in banana production sustainability

  There are a number of threats challenging the daily farm operations of banana producers in Asia and Latin America. At the 6th International Banana Congress, which took place from April 19 to 22, 2016 in Miami, Florida, USA, Bayer showcased its portfolio of products and solutions that support the success and sustainability of the […]

AFRICA: Kenyan avocado exports on the rise as quality improves

  “Kenyan avocados can match any other avocados grown anywhere else in the world,” he says.   “Our reputation has definitely improved amongst European importers over the last year as there has been a big marketing effort from our end as exporters.”   Historically, some importers have been hesitant to work with Kenyan avocados, but […]

ARGENTINA: Increasingly more imported fruit in supermarkets

  It’s been a few weeks since consumers can find fruits from other countries on the shelves devoted to regional fruits. This trend is even more pronounced in the supermarkets in Santa Fe, the federal capital, and in the north of the province of Buenos Aires. Among other fruits, consumers can find oranges from Mexico […]

INFO: Vietnamese dragonfruit on Australian agenda

by Matthew Jones, Fruitnet   Australian authorities will conduct risk assessments on Vietnamese-grown dragonfruit over the coming months, with a view to approve the fruit for import.   “Australia has already undertaken preliminary work on the assessment, including reviewing pests and diseases, following strong collaboration between the governments of Australia and Vietnam,” according to a […]

INDIA: Bidar farmers to get help in growing banana

  Scientists of the National Research Centre for Banana (NRCB) in Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu, will help farmers in Bidar and Kalaburagi in cultivating banana. They will work through the Bidar-based College of Horticulture.   Resource persons will train farmers in cultivation methods, protection of crops from pests and insects, and post-harvest technologies and provide seedlings […]

CALIFORNIA: California Avocado Commission launches new marketing campaign

  Building on the success and equity of the California Avocado Grower Campaign (2008-15), the California Avocado Commission is running a new campaign that positions the California avocado as the perfect symbol of the California lifestyle.   “It’s a celebration of everything that is endemic to the Golden State, from a climate that’s unlike any […]

PERU: Avocado from Cusco arrives in the Netherlands

  A container of 20 tons of Hass avocados that was grown by small farmers in the province of Limatambo, Cusco, and that is valued at 30,000 euro arrived in the Netherlands for distribution in the European Union. According to Sierra Exportadora, this is the first of 15 containers acquired by the Israeli company Mehadrin […]

MALAYSIA: Dry spell affecting durian season, yield likely to plunge by half

by Opalyn Mok, The Malay Mail Online     The El Niño phenomenon in the past few months has led to a lesser yield of seasonal fruits this season, the Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority (FAMA)’s Penang director Habibah Sulaiman said today.   She said they are expecting a whopping 40 to 50 per cent reduction of […]