INDIA: Does papaya help treat dengue?

by Rohit P.S, The Hindu   While the jury is still out on the fruit, sale and use of papaya leaf extract is seeing a rise in the city, thanks to increase in dengue cases.   The use of papaya for treating several health problems has been documented in texts of traditional medicine, but ever […]

AUSTRALIA: Farm buyout on hold as Queensland authorities investigate suspected new case of damaging banana fungus

by Charlie McKillop and Marty McCarthy, abc news     Authorities say the latest possible detection is on a different property to the Tully Valley farm, owned by the Robson family, which has been under strict quarantine since March last year.   Last month, the banana industry agreed to increase grower levies to fund the purchase of the Robson farm and put […]

AUSTRALIA: Project explores techniques to increase yields for jackfruit and rambutan growers in the Top End

by Courtney Fowler, abc news     The initiative, being coordinated by the Northern Territory Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries, is studying commercial varieties of jackfruit, rambutan and passionfruit.   Senior horticulturalist Mark Hoult said the emphasis of his research was on increasing production, improving fruit quality, consistency and new market opportunities for Top End […]

AUSTRALIA: Northern Territory mangoes set to enter US

by Matthew Jones, Fruitnet     Additional fruit from the Northern Territory could see Australia’s mango trade with the US double over the 2016/17 season, according to ABC Rural.   Around 100 tonnes of Queensland-grown mangoes were shipped to the North American nation last season. The first consignment of Northern Territory-grown mangoes bound for the US […]