INDONESIA: The Intricate and Sweetness of Gunungbetung Salak

Lampung Town- The pondoh salak comodities had initialy thought to have originated from Yogyakarta identical from Yogyakarta, but not so. At Kabupaten Pesawaran salak were grown by Bumi Adnan and were able to produce pondoh salak which has unique characteristics.   Pondoh salak producing district which produces sweet and crunchy located at Gunungrejo Orchard, Gunungbetung [...]

INDONESIA: Loads of Salak Fruit Topping 4 Meters Tall Paraded

Bojonegoro ( – Hundreds of people looked happy. Despite the long wait, their spirits were not dampened. Perhaps also because of great expectations. They awaited the loads of salak that will be paraded.   The loads of approximately four meters high required hundreds of fruits. This was the people’s great expectations as the parade was [...]

INDIA: Owing to drought, mangoes arrive three months early

In the throes of a prolonged dry spell, the people of Karnataka may have something to cheer about with the early arrival of mangoes this year. Prolonged drought in the State has induced flowering in mango trees, resulting in the arrival of the fruit three months before season.   However, horticulture experts say it is [...]

SOUTH AFRICA: First Royal Honey Murcott mandarin exports likely in 2018

    Citrogold general manager Bryan Offer says there are currently trial plantings of the RHM in Chile, the U.S., Spain and “selected Mediterranean countries”, but the furthest ahead is definitely his native South Africa.   “South Africa at this stage is the furthest advanced outside of Australia. The first experimental blocks was planted last year with further blocks [...]

PERU: Set for “super production” of mangoes

    Two major Peruvian mango growers say abundant flowering this season is likely to push up year-on-year production and export figures by nearly a third.   Speaking to at the Expoalimentaria trade fair held in the capital Lima last week, a representative of Piura-based Dominus said a mild winter was largely to thank for the [...]

AUSTRALIA: Schizophrenia alternative treatment could be found in tropical fruit mangosteen

by Annie Guest, abc news     Mangosteen has long been used in traditional medicine in South-East Asia, and now Australian researchers hope to prove that its antioxidants could ease psychosis and other symptoms.   Present day medication for schizophrenia can have some unpleasant side effects, and researchers are hoping that if their trials prove positive, [...]

COLOMBIA: Pineapple company ventures into exports, processing

    A Colombian pineapple company that has only just begun exports is expanding into the processing business, amid plans to strengthen its position in international markets and double production.   Bengala Agrícola is now adding various processed products to its mix, alongside its sales of fresh MD2 golden pineapples.   The company is also set to boost its planted [...]

CHINA: Banana market still weak

    “The banana high sales period starts in September and continues until February. Speaking for the whole of China, not much has changed in the production volumes for bananas compared to last year. But the price is slightly going up again,” says Mr. Xu from Beijing Yongxin Hengchang Fruit.   Import market more receptive [...]

AUSTRALIA: Forecast to produce about 8 million trays of mangoes

by Matt Brann, abc news     The national crop forecast by Australian Mangoes (AMIA) is predicting the Northern Territory to produce 3.5 million trays, Queensland to produce similar volumes, with the remaining trays coming from Western Australia, New South Wales and small volumes from Victoria.   AMIA industry development manager Trevor Dunmall said it was [...]

AUSTRALIA: North Queensland banana-growing family reveals ‘nightmare’ existence since Panama fungus outbreak

by Marty McCarthy, abc news     The Robsons grow bananas on 166 hectares in the Tully Valley, in far north Queensland, and invited Landline to their farm to tell their story.   Early last year, Biosecurity Queensland confirmed their farm had been infected with a fungus known as Panama Tropical Race 4 (TR4), which has been [...]

ECUADOR: To export first mango shipments to China this week

    With a harvest that has been running 15 days earlier than last year due to warm temperatures, Ecuador has kicked off its mango campaign.   Fundación Mango president Sergio Cedeño told the first 24 containers have already left for the markets of the U.S. and Europe, but the biggest development was the opening of China that [...]

U.S: New areas of south Louisiana being quarantined for citrus plant disease

    A highly contagious bacterial disease harmful to most varieties of citrus plants has spread around Plaquemines Parish and is in two locations in St. John the Baptist Parish.   Those areas are in the process of being quarantined by the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry, the LSU Agricultural Center said.   Currently, the entire [...]