NEW ZEALAND: ‘Record returns’ for avocado growers

Avocado growers have seen “record returns” this season, with an estimated NZD 150 (USD 101.5) million in sales for 2017-2018.     The New Zealand Avocado Growers Association said the industry’s draft result for the season of NZD 150m (USD 101.5m) in sales was comprised of NZD 105m (USD 71) from export markets and NSD […]

US: Avocados on Everything? Restaurants Capitalize on Rising Supply

The already-popular avocado is getting a turbo boost from higher supply and lower prices — and restaurants are eager to cash in.     Starbucks Corp. has added avocado spread to its permanent menu in the U.S. and Canada after a successful test run last year, while Chili’s Grill & Bar this month began selling […]

CHILE: Villagers claim British appetite for avocados is draining region dry

UK demand for fruit increased by 27% last year alone, prompting accusations that growers are illegally diverting rivers and leaving locals without water.   British supermarkets are selling thousands of tonnes of avocados produced in a Chilean region where villagers claim vast amounts of water are being diverted, resulting in a drought.     Major […]

KENYA: How to produce export-worthy avocados

Avocado farming has become a big-league agro-enterprise with various market forces including border control, climate and global appetite for avocado favouring Kenyan producers.     The Hass avocado, a premium product in the Middle East and Europe has especially gained popularity in the ready-to-eat segment, with consumer appetite changing gradually from the green-skinned varieties to […]

SOUTH AFRICA: Record avocado exports expected in 2018

South Africa is expecting a sharp uptick in avocado exports this season to record levels of 66,000 metric tons (MT), compared to 43,700MT last year.   Subtrop CEO Derek Donkin attributed the rise to better growing conditions, an ‘on-year’ and new plantings coming into production.     “Last year’s crop was small as a result […]

NEW ZEALAND: High avocado prices predicted to drop with big crop

A return to more affordable avocados has been forecast for next season after avocados hit a record end-of-season price of $4 per fruit in some Tauranga supermarkets.   The 2017-18 season was influenced by avocado trees producing very poor crops in many Bay orchards, with Te Puke grower Ron Bailey saying his production fell to […]

NEW ZEALAND: Late summer wet has tropical fruit thriving

It may have been a flop for broccoli and cabbages but the hot wet end to summer has Kiwi-grown tropical fruit flourishing.   The summer season was a flop for leafy green vegetable growers across the country, with many crops rotting, causing prices to spike.     But bananas and watermelons have soaked up the […]

PERU: Sharp rise for avocado exports in 2017

Peru’s avocado exports soared in both volume and value during the 2017 season, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation (Minagri).   The entity said export volumes rose 27% year-on-year to 247,000 metric tons (MT), with the value soaring 46% to US$580 million.   According to International Trade Center data, in 2016 Peru became […]

AUSTRALIA: Costa Group’s not done with smashing avocado growth

Harry Debney, the chief executive of market darling Costa Group, has heard all the gags about smashed avocado and Millennials.   But Tuesday’s share price surge at Costa – up 10 per cent to a record high of $6.88, taking its 12-month gain to 79 per cent – is no joke.     Investors were […]

USA: Avocado sales to China could more than double this year, boosted by demand from the middle class

Avocado sales to China are expected to more than double this year as demand continues to grow for the fruit from the country’s expanding middle-class population.   “It appears to just double every year, from what we’ve seen,” Steve Barnard, president of Oxnard, California-based Mission Produce, the world’s largest distributor of avocados. “It maybe more […]

USA: Hawaiian avocado certified world’s heaviest

Guinness World Records confirmed this week that a Hawaii woman found the world’s heaviest avocado.   Pamela Wang was on her daily walk when she made the discovery — a 5-pound, 3.6-ounce avocado in December.     News of the find made her and the oversized fruit a national and international story.   “I have […]

NEW ZEALAND: NZ avocados to find its way to China

Avocado growers who have surrounded their orchards with deer fencing and installed night vision security cameras will be smiling when the China avocado market opens up next year.     The Ministry of Primary Industries advises New Zealand is a significant step closer to supplying fresh avocados to Chinese consumers and opening up access to […]