MALAYSIA: China’s appetite for ‘stinky’ durian fruit threatening endangered tigers

The habitat of one of the world’s most endangered tigers is under threat, according to environmental groups, as forests in Malaysia are cleared to meet growing demand for durians, the divisively pungent fruit hugely popular in China.   Forests in the region of Raub in Malaysia, which has become a popular destination for Chinese and […]

MALAYSIA: Durian lovers lured by low prices due to supply glut

Durian lovers are enjoying a glut of the King of Fruits brought on by the prolonged durian season since March, which has slashed prices by up to 40% compared to last year.   Durian trader Ang Hock Leng said this was his first experience in seeing such an early and extended season.     “This […]

AUSTRALIA: Hundreds evacuated a college library, fearing a gas leak. It was a durian.

Add “cause for a university evacuation in Australia” to the long list of reasons that durian may be the world’s most maligned fruit.   About 3 p.m. Saturday local time, Melbourne’s Metropolitan Fire Brigade sent out an alert about a chemical hazard at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.     The smell of gas […]

THAILAND: 80,000 durians sold in 1 minute: Jack Ma displays magic of e-commerce

Thai durians sold like hot cakes in Thailand after Jack Ma showed the magic of e-commerce during his visit by selling 80,000 golden pillow durians on his online platform T-mall within one minute.   While Ma was in Thailand to make a mega-deal on investment on Thursday (April 19), Commerce Minister Sontirat Sontijirawong gifted the […]

MALAYSIA: Choosing between oil palm and durian trees

Oil palm is still the most efficient oil crop in the world in terms of yield per hectare. Yet, as smallholders contemplate the overdue replanting of old trees, some oil palm estates may well become Musang King durian plantations because this particular species of durian is commanding astronomical prices in China.   If oil palm […]

MALAYSIA: China may approve ruc bird’s nests, durian export

The Malaysian Embassy in China sees a strong possibility of Malaysia getting the approval for its raw-unclean (RUC) swiftlet edible bird’s nests and fresh durian, especially the ‘Musang King’, to enter China starting the middle of this year. Ambassador to China, Datuk Zainuddin Yahya, said the export approval for RUC bird’s nest and the whole […]

MALAYSIA: Sarawak sends maiden shipment of durian paste to China

Sarawak, through local fruits exporter Top Fruits (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd, made its first-ever shipment of frozen durian paste to China today, sending 16 tonnes to what is becoming a voracious market for the king of fruits.     Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Amar Douglas Uggah Embas launched the shipment at the company’s processing plant at […]

AUSTRALIA: Melbourne is hosting a festival dedicated to the super smelly durian fruit

The world’s most noxious fruit has long had a reputation amongst backpackers through Southeast Asia for its foul stench and for many trying it out is a rite of passage, albeit often an unpleasant one. The taste is an acquired one, to say the least, but if you find you’re missing it, Melbourne is hosting […]

MALAYSIA: Durian tree is Sabah’s new attraction

A wild durian tree in the central Tongod district of Sabah is set to become a tourist attraction. The tree, also known as ‘red durian tree’, has been recognised for being the oldest and tallest tree in Tongod. At an acknowledgement ceremony, Kuamat assemblyman Datuk Masiung Banah said the tree, measuring 57.7m in height, is […]

INDONESIA: Nutritionist debunks biggest myth about durian

Many consider durian a high-cholesterol fruit hence choose to avoid it at all costs. But this opinion is only a myth, according to a nutritionist at Pondok Indah Hospital, Dr. Diana Suganda SpGK.   As reported by on Monday, Diana said 100 grams of durian flesh actually contains 0 mg of cholesterol, in addition […]

Interesting durian recipes

Durian is one of the most popular fruits in Southeast Asia. While most people like eating it fresh, the “king of fruits” can be prepared into interesting dishes.   Here are some classic and innovative durian recipes that you can try at home.   Durian Crepe (Recipe by QL Chef,   The sweet and creamy […]

MALAYSIA: LPP identifies potential area for durian cultivation

Realising the potential of durian as a new source of income, the Farmers’ Organisation Authority (LPP) has identified a 119-hectare area to be developed for durian cultivation this year, said its chairman Tan Sri Zainal Dahalan.   He said durian provided a new economic opportunity and could benefit LPP members nationwide as the fruit was […]