INDIA: University develops fruit fly trap for different fruits

Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) developed a PAU Fruit Fly Trap — an eco-friendly technology for the management of fruit flies in kinnow, guava, mango, pear, peach, and plum. Different types of fruits too were developed by the team, and some of them invented seedless fruits of mixed breed.     Entomologist Dr Navtej Bains (HOD) […]

INDIA: Guava from mango belt back in business

Guava has managed to hold its own ground in Lucknow’s mango belt. Several new varieties have been developed and the near-extinct, indigenous varieties from the region are back in business. The reason being that varieties from Lucknow are fast gaining ground in Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Maharashtra and west UP. Farmers in Malihabad are growing these […]

R&D: Want to store that delicious mango pulp longer? Scientists may have a solution.

Scientists from the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur have developed a model to select the ideal combinations of temperature and pressure conditions to inactivate fruit-degrading enzymes during the processing of mango pulp.   It is hard to miss why the mango is considered the king of all fruits – its delectable taste, delicious aroma, and […]

INDIA: Red Thai guava via Bengaluru floods Hyderabad

The “Thai” variety of guava being sold in the city has found many takers because of its juicy, red pulp. However, despite what its name suggests, the variety is grown within the country itself. Vendors say that they purchase the fruit from the wholesale market of Gaddiannaram in LB Nagar and from Mozamjahi market. Each […]

INDIA: Edible wild banana species discovered

Edible wild banana species discovered, the second such on the island in two years   Botanists in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands have been quietly going bananas. And it is not their fault, for the islands are a biodiversity hotspot that hosts seven different species of wild banana that we know of, not to mention […]

INDIA: Impetus to custard apple cultivation

Even as the production of custard apple (sitaphal) is gradually declining due to the shrinking forest cover and fast-paced industrialisation in the coal belt areas of the district, the Horticulture Department has drawn up an ambitious plan to promote custard apple cultivation in the tribal sub-plan (TSP) mandals.   The move is intended to give […]

INDIA: High-yielding variety of tamarind identified

The scientists at the Horticulture Research Station here have identified a variety of tamarind with a red coloured pulp which could help the farmers of the State and especially those of the Rayalaseema districts.   Dr. B. Sreenivasulu, senior scientist, told The Hindu that the new variety had a red pulp, which in itself was […]

INDIA: Watermelon price shoots up as yield falls

Sale of watermelons has been brisk in various parts of Tiruchi district as the harsh summer continues.   Traders say that watermelon arrivals from Villupuram district – a major supplier, had got exhausted due to heavy demand for the fruit and also due to fall in yield. So, traders are now depending on farmers in […]