KENYA: Passion fruit farming set for better times ahead

The prospects of passion fruit farming in Kenya could change for the better if plans to upgrade the fruit into a major horticultural crop are adopted by the Ministry of Agriculture.   This is after details emerged that the country’s production of the crop has been on the decline for the past decade in which […]

KENYA: From broker to manufacturer – the juicy story of a fruits trader

A drive from Nairobi to Chuka is refreshing, especially for a first-time visitor, as one enjoys the spectacular views of hills yonder.   Then there is the sight of women selling ripe mangoes and bananas on the roadside whetting one’s appetite for a fresh, juicy fruit.     This is the norm in Chuka and […]

KENYA: What avocado export market wants from you

As demand for avocados grows locally and internationally, there is no short cut for farmers seeking the best market and prices.   One must get it right when it comes to varieties, seedlings and fruits, especially if planning to sale in the export market.     Brian Gesimba, the agro-marketing manager at Amiran Kenya, says […]