PERU: Pitahaya and rambutan as export fruits

Pitahaya and rambutan are two exotic fruits that are a sensation in the province of Chanchamayo, in the region of Junin, and that are currently being produced for export purposes; to date, producers have planted some 250 hectares of these new alternative fruits.     These productions have high levels of productivity, especially the pitahaya, […]

PERU: Sharp rise for avocado exports in 2017

Peru’s avocado exports soared in both volume and value during the 2017 season, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation (Minagri).   The entity said export volumes rose 27% year-on-year to 247,000 metric tons (MT), with the value soaring 46% to US$580 million.   According to International Trade Center data, in 2016 Peru became […]

CHINA: Peruvian flame mangoes a welcome arrival

Leading Peruvian supplier Camposol has teamed up with Dole China to introduce a line of Kent mangoes to the Chinese market.     Branded under the name Peruvian Flame Mangoes, the fruit entered the Asian nation in the lead-up to Chinese New Year celebrations. Dole is distributing the fruit through offline retail channels such as […]

PERU: El Niño cuts organic banana production

Adverse weather has led to a 16 per cent fall in exports of organic bananas from Piura according to the Banana Technical Board.   President Marcia Herrera Reto said shipments were on course to reach US$112m this year compared with US$152m in 2016.   The fall is due to the higher incidence of pests brought […]

PERU: ‘One Banana a Day Makes a Difference’ campaign launches

Guatemala-based One Banana launched the “One Banana a Day Makes a Difference” program in Peru. One Banana a Day Makes a Difference is a nutritional food security program in schools, according to a news release. The company also delivers bananas once a week to the schools in the program.     More than 2,000 organic […]

PERU: Chile and Bolivia, main destinations for Piura’s mango

Piura sent most of its mangoes to Chile and Bolivia in the first week of exports.   According to the exporters, so far, they have sent 176,953 six-kilogram boxes of mango to these two countries by land. Most of the fruit is sent by land to these two markets. The varieties shipped are the Haden, […]