The International Symposium on Technology Intervention for Effective Utilization and Marketing of Jackfruit (Jackfest 2018) will be held in Kerala Agriculture University (KAU), Kerala, India on 9-15 July 2018, organized by Department of Agriculture Development & Farmers’ Welfare and KAU.



As the official state fruit, Kerala produces 10% of the total jackfruit in India. It provides countless avenues for employment and income generation for farmers in Kerala. Jackfest 2018 aims to promote jackfruit, improve value addition and marketing, and create a forum to develop strategies for commercialization.


Moreover, the organizers hope to attract international speakers and gain a better understanding of the global jackfruit scenario. The papers presented can also contain vital information on technologies that can improve production of jackfruit in Kerala.


Jackfest 2018 can also lead to the adoption of best technologies for the fruit, especially though the creation of practical and farmer-focused supply chains that boost internal revenue of the state. The organizers also plan to establish a network for the production and distribution of grafted jackfruit plants from select varieties.


Aside from the Symposium, Jackfest 2018 will also include a 5-day training program for women on jackfruit processing, a jackfruit feast, three 1-day training workshops on jackfruit recipes, various exhibitions and competitions, and cultural performances.


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