The International Tropical Fruits Network (TFNet) is leading a seminar titled Current Development and Challenges in Improving Production, Productivity, and Market Demand for the MD2 Pineapple Variety on 11 July 2019 at the Tan Sri Yusof Hashim Hall, MARDI, Serdang, Selangor, co-organized with the Malaysian Pineapple Industry Board (MPIB), the Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MARDI),  the Malaysian Department of Agriculture, and the Pineapple Growers Association of Malaysia (PPNM).



Malaysia was once one of the top producers of pineapples in the world. However, growing market competition from neighboring countries such as the Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia has had an impact on the planting area. Currently, most of the varieties grown are for fresh consumption such as Moris (Queen), Josapine, N36, Sarawak, and MD2.


The MD2 variety has a global appeal in terms of market demand, longer shelf life, and delicious taste. Since its introduction into Malaysia close to a decade ago, its popularity and demand among growers and consumers have increased. While there is a drive to increase its production for the domestic and export market, there are also constraints that affect further development of the variety like availability of certified and true planting materials, fruit quality standards, agro-climatic suitability, low productivity, and poor farm practices.


Cognizant of these issues, this seminar aims to:

  • Assess current challenges and issues in the production, productivity, and market for MD2 pineapples;
  • Exchange and share information on best farm practices to improve profitability and market access for MD2 pineapples;
  • Deliberate on findings and observations on the use of tissue cultured planting materials and plant shoots for MD2 pineapples;
  • Provide a platform for all stakeholders to interact and deliberate on aspects related to the production, marketing and value chain of MD2;
  • Draft a strategy for increasing the production and export capacity for pineapples, aiming towards strengthening the pineapple industry and simultaneously contributing to the country’s agricultural output;
  • Encourage membership and participation in the Pineapple Growers Association of Malaysia.


The seminar will discuss the following topics:

  • Current status of planting area, production, growers involved and market for the MD2
  • Suitability of suckers and tissue cultured MD2 planting materials
  • Current status on the prevalence of pests and diseases according to geographical locations
  • Best practices to boost productivity and production of MD2
  • Experience sharing by successful growers and exporters of MD2


TFNet is inviting pineapple growers, entrepreneurs, researchers, the academe, exporters, input suppliers, government officials, students, consultants, and the private sector to join the seminar. Registration fee is RM 150. To register, visit


The seminar will be conducted in Bahasa Malaysia.


For more information and updates, visit the seminar website:

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