Government officials are holding discussions with China on exporting Malaysia’s honey jackfruit and swiftlet nests following the successful export of frozen whole musang king durians and MD2 pineapples to that country.


Agriculture minister Salahuddin Ayub said procedures and protocols were being prepared by the ministry for the export of honey jackfruit and edible bird’s nests to China.


“I had seen the potential of exporting frozen whole durians, besides in pulp and paste forms (to China) and MD2 pineapples to China and the Middle East.


“We are now making efforts to ensure that a number of other fruits like honey jackfruit as well as swiftlet nests which are still under discussion, can be exported too,” he told reporters after opening the Johor Agriculture Expo today.


Salahuddin said honey jackfruit was widely grown, with the Permanent Food Production Park in Lanchang, Pahang, being one of the sites.


He said raw and uncleaned swiftlet nests could fetch RM3,000 to RM4,000 (USD 726-969) per kilogram and the raw, cleaned ones from RM8,000 to RM10,000 (USD 1938-2422) per kilogram in China.


Source: FMT News

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