The first China mango industry conference was held in Baise, Guangxi. At the meeting, Tianyang district and Guangzhou Pilot Food Investment Co., Ltd. signed the framework agreement on the comprehensive development and utilization project of fruits in Tianyang District, Baise City (phase II), with a total investment of 500 millionContinue Reading

SOURCE: Selina Xu, Bloomberg Malaysian durians have topped fruit and vegetable presales at a big Chinese retail festival, showing the pulling power of the pungent delicacy. The top-selling variety at’s 618 festival — China’s second-largest shopping event after Alibaba’s Singles’ Day — was the Sultan durian from Pahang state,Continue Reading

SOURCE: Brian Badzmierowski, Khmer Times Cambodian mangoes produced at a small group of approved packaging factories have been cleared for export to China. It’s a result of recent improvements to the factories that allowed the fruit to pass China’s phytosanitary requirements. The General Administration of Customs of China (GACC) officiallyContinue Reading

SOURCE: Shang-Su Wu, Nanyang Technological University/East Asia Forum Security concerns related to Taiwan’s economic dependence on China have surfaced from time to time since engagement across the Taiwan Strait deepened from the early 1990s. Former Taiwanese president Lee Ting-Hui launched the Southbound Policy in the mid-1990s to diversify economic partnersContinue Reading

SOURCE: Emily F, Produce Report According to local Cambodian news outlets, in late February Cambodia’s Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries submitted a list of 25 mango farms and 3 mango packing facilities to China’s General Administration of Customs for inspection. The Cambodian authorities were hopeful that the GAC wouldContinue Reading