Australians are being encouraged to eat more pineapple for the remainder of the summer to help growers deal with a glut in the market. In central Queensland, drought-affected crops are finally ripe for the picking and growers are run off their feet to get the fruit to consumers. But the late timingContinue Reading

Selling prices at farms for some fruit such as mangosteens have recently plummeted due to an oversupply during the harvest season. The Department of Internal trade has now invited retailers including petrol stations to join a video conference with commercial affairs officials across the country, to find applicable solutions toContinue Reading

The Taiwanese food giant joins the government’s banana price stabilization initiative and will buy a total of 200 tons of bananas to tackle unreasonable low prices.   Following a Taiwanese food giant’s announcement to procure 100 tons of bananas from local banana growers struggling with low prices, the Council ofContinue Reading