SOURCE: AgroNegocios TRANSLATION: Freshplaza In the first half of the year, Colombian mango exports amounted to US$11.4 million, a 19.7% increase over the same period of the previous year that was driven by purchases from the Middle East. Colombia exports its mango to 22 international destinations. Heaven’s Fruits, the mainContinue Reading

SOURCE: Zulfiqar Kunbhar, The Third Pole Massive monsoon flooding has followed a severe drought in Pakistan’s Sindh province, with experts saying that climate change is making farming ‘more challenging every passing day’ The majority of Pakistan’s second-most populous and agriculture-dependent province of Sindh was declared “calamity-hit” on 23 August. WithContinue Reading

SOURCE: Matrubhumi Many farmers in hilly areas of Kerala have found solace in fruit farming, exasperated by skyrocketing operational expenses for cash crops. Even rubber cultivators have switched to fruit farming. While those who are first into agriculture also seem interested in fruit cultivation as the activities related are notContinue Reading

SOURCE: Evie Townend, Mirror Morrisons is recalling two of its mango products over fears they could be contaminated with salmonella. The supermarket is taking the precautionary step of recalling Morrisons Mango and Morrisons Mango Fingers due to possible traces of salmonella. The products being recalled are the Morrisons Mango 240gContinue Reading