SOURCE: wvua23 The U.S. government ordered the destruction a $15,000 shipment of pineapples from Costa Rica after agriculture inspectors in Mississippi found butterfly larvae that they said could be harmful. U.S. Customs and Border Protection said in a news release Monday that inspectors from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, AnimalContinue Reading

SOURCE: Anne Ewbank, Atlas Obscura California’s deadly, damaging wildfires worsen by the year. The state’s naturally dry landscapes, parched by a changing climate, have turned into tinderboxes. A stray match or lightning strike has the capacity to incinerate forests, fields, and neighborhoods. Last year saw a summer and fall ofContinue Reading

SOURCE: LA Times The coronavirus outbreak has transformed the way the world eats. There is no trend, exactly, other than this: People want comfort. They also want to eat their way to stronger immune systems. They’re stress baking, but they’re also eating healthier foods than they would have at restaurants.Continue Reading

SOURCE: Ryan Finnerty, Hawaii Public Radio With hotels, restaurants, and farmers largely shuttered, demand for fresh, local produce has plummeted. The loss of revenue puts future harvests at risk. Local farmers are experiencing a cash crunch, according to Brian Miyamoto, director of the Hawaii Farm Bureau. He says a wideContinue Reading

Source: Annika Durinck, Freshplaza  The International Pineapple Organization is a market driven organization with the purpose of bringing together the minds of the pineapple industry. They encompass the whole of the pineapple sector – each step of the supply chain for fresh, cut, and dehydrated pineapple as well as pineappleContinue Reading