KENYA: USD 332k fruit processing plant to be put up in Mpeketoni

by Cheti Praxides, The Star


The Lamu government will spend Sh30 million to build a fruit processing plant in Mpeketoni.


Deputy Governor Eric Mugo said the plant will employ more than 2,000 fruit farmers.


Addressing journalists at the Kenya Ports Authority offices in Lamu on Saturday, he said many fruit farmers in Mpeketoni have for long been exploited by brokers and middlemen.


“Lack of a special market for mangoes, bananas, pineapples, water melons, passion fruits, avocado and other fruits has seen the farmers incur huge losses,” Mugo said.


He said a general market would be built for the farmers to sell their produce.


“We want to ensure steady and ready market for all fruit farmers in this region,” Mugo said.


Source: The Star

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