PERU: World’s fourth main avocado exporter

Peru is the fourth main avocado exporter in the world having close deals worth US$307.9 million in a period from January until September this year. It means a 67.4% increase, confirmed Peru’s Exporters Association (ADEX).


According to the TradeMap, Mexico ranks first; followed by the Netherlands; Chile and Peru, explained the entrepreneurial union’s agriculture manager, Giannina Denegri.


“This product has been consolidated as the favorite in world markets,” she claimed.


During this year, the avocado demand reached more country markets, including those in the Netherlands and Spain.


“Peruvian avocados have become popular due their quality and good flavor,” she added.


The US is the main importer of Peruvian avocados. Sales totaled to that country totaled US$126.1 million. It concentrates 40% of the entire shipments. Other countries include: The UK, Canada and Chile.


Last year average prices amounted: US$1.61. Today it is close to US$1.74.


Avocado productions in Peru are to be found in: La Libertad, Lima, Ica, Junín and the Ancash region.


Source: Andina

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