INDIA: Papaya reaps rich dividends in Kabirdham

Local farmers of villages in Kabirdham district are opting for the soil test before cultivation of suitable vegetable and fruit-bearing plants. A local farmer doubled his income by growing papaya after testing soil on his land.


Parasram of village Bundeli in Sahaspur Lohara Development Block has grown papayas on his one and half hectare acre of plot and reaped rich dividends by breaking all records. He used modern methods of farming and people are talking high of the quality of his fruits.


In 2011, Parasram took the plunge to grow cash crops and horticulture produces, moving away from traditional farm products. A training programme by National Horticulture Mission helped him sail through.


Under the guidance of officers, he grew the fruit and earned about Rs 3,50,000 in the first year itself.


Horticulture department officer MP Chauhan said that the average under cultivation for horticulture farming is increasing.


Source: The Times of India

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