INFO: Big avocado supplier announces merger with Mexican grower


GreenFruit Avocados, a fully integrated avocado supplier, announces their merger with Mexican grower and packing house, FrutiVal. The merger between GreenFruit and FrutiVal will position the company to create direct programs from Mexico to the U.S. and other overseas markets year-round. FrutiVal also provides GreenFruit with a state-of-the-art packing facility in Uruapan, Michoacán equipped with two packing lines, one for the U.S. market and the other for overseas markets.


The merger aligns with GreenFruit Avocados’ ambitious growth goals for both the U.S. and Asian markets. As consumption levels of avocados continue to increase, it’s crucial to have a consistent, steady supply for customers.


When asked about the merger, Yngacio Valerio, General Director at FrutiVal S.A. of C.A. with 22 years of experience in the Hass avocado industry said, “I am very happy to announce our partnership with GreenFruit Avocados. This alliance presents exciting new opportunities for our clients to obtain avocados directly from the grower. GreenFruit clients can expect fresh fruit, and a fully compliant food safety program. We see a long, successful partnership with GreenFruit Avocados to provide our clientele with a service they can trust.”


The new partnership also makes them a direct grower for both Organic and Conventional orchards in Mexico which is a fundamental part of long term pricing for retailers and foodservice customers. Understanding their cost and volumes in the fields allows GreenFruit to create long term fixed price programs. This is a big win for their customers, enabling them to sell more avocados.


Vice President of GreenFruit Avocados, Brian Gomez, states, “I am extremely excited about the new partnership. Not only does this make us a direct grower and packer in Mexico, but it also enables us to customize programs for our clients in the USA and around the world.”


Source: Fresh Plaza

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