US (CA): Avocado supplies ample, prices stay depressed

by Jennifer Harrison, Fresh Plaza


The supply of California avocados will be strong from both the southern and northern growing regions of the state, where avocado trees thrive.


“The California harvest is beginning to exceed 10 million pounds per week and will continue to increase through the spring,” said Chris Varvel of Henry Avocado Inc., in Escondido, California.


Harvest is expected to peak early in the summer. Demand, according to Varvel, is steady and strong throughout the year but peaks during the California season.


“Demand may dip a bit after the Super Bowl as people get their fill of avocados during that event, or if the weather gets bad, we see a dip in consumption, but I think that happens with any commodity,” Varvel added.


Avocado demand is extremely strong in the retail and the food service industry, especially in the Southwest and both coasts.


Currently, f.o.b. prices are well below those from last season.


“Traditionally, prices are at their lowest late fall and early winter, but they have stayed depressed into spring with shipping point prices being $18.00 to $24.00 per carton box when prices would normally be between $24.00 and $32.00.”


Much of the avocado supply for U.S. markets is also coming from Mexico, which currently has an abundant supply of large sized avocados that are priced to sell, leaving much of the medium fruit behind, explained Varvel.


“In a sense, the excess supply of the large sized avocado is affecting prices in the whole market.”


Source: Fresh Plaza

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