EUROPE: Norway sees continued demand for avocados

by Heather Goulooze, Fresh Plaza


Avocado prices have been strong this year in Norway, although this is more to do with current European price levels as opposed to something brought on by the Norwegian market.


As global demand for avocados has increased, the Norwegian market has been no exception. Demand for avocados has seen year on year growth, with Norwegian import volumes up 10% in 2015 compared to 2014.


The Haas avocado is THE avocado for the Norwegian market and Asbjørn Hauane from importer InterFruit said that there are other varieties out there, but interest in them is minimal.


There is a market for all sizes of avocados, with the smaller sized avocados, up to size 34, selling as a discount item in the shops. InterFrukt works primarily with the wholesale market and size 12 to 16 are the most popular for the catering and restaurant sector.


Avocados are available year round in Norway and Interfrukt directly imports their avocados from Spain, but also through the transit market in Holland.


Avocados in Norway are used in salads, but also make their way into starters (prawn salad with avocado are a firm favourite) and have even made their way into the main course.


“Avocados have been present sinced I started working with the company 25 years ago, but back then they were pretty much only for restaurants and foreigners. Since then they have become a more ‘normal’ item, and have become popular for all consumers.” said Asbjørn.


Source: Fresh Plaza

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